How to select plus size kurtis for office wear?

Plus-size-kurtis- for-office

A working woman has to plan differently for daily wear! It is not like any normal girl who pulls out any outfit from the wardrobe wear it and go out carelessly. In the corporate world, a lady has to present herself in a way that is suitable to the working environment.  In this situation,” Kurti acts like a savior for all working ladies “and nothing wrong in saying this. To take this discussion further, in this post we learn how to use plus size kurtis in office wear.

Choose plus size kurtis in printed patterns

kurtis design catalogue supplier In India produce ladies-outfits that are specifically made to wear in an office environment. Today girls can easily find many websites which offer attractive plus size kurti in printed version so no need for them to visit a shopping mall. A very first thing girls can do is to search on a cell phone or laptop, select the best-printed kurtis and separate few plus size kurtis that are suitable to the office environment.

Smart use of bottoms

To smartly use various bottoms, a working woman has to understand lower body part. Gone are the days when the tight bottom was the only choice left for working lady, in current fashion world there are multiple verities in bottoms to try. Some very fancy bottoms are not for working women because they can’t make the sober pair with plus size kurtis. Plain Palazzos, black colored ankle length pant, white colored salwar is very best options that can make a great pair with any kind of plus size kurtis.

Select dark colored in plus size kurtis

Most of the girls think that light colored outfits are for the corporate world so they only prefer neon colored kurtis in plus size. In opposite of their thinking, they can go with navy blue, grey, or black especially in Plus size kurti. Because this tunic doesn’t come in body-hugging fitting, any dark colors look really sober on any girl. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong in dressing up with navy blue colored plus size kurti with a white bottom or dark red colored plus size kurti with black palazzo to get the unique look easily.

Minimum accessories

As a working woman knows very well that the less jewelry, light lipstick, and simple hair-do are the proper way to enter any office. However, the plus size kurti offers slight benefit to all women as the tunic is simple and sober so they can go with.

Manufacturers in India t supply wholesale kurtis to a retail store in different sizes. Kurtis catalog consists of small, medium, Large and extra-large sizes. However, if any retailer wants to customize plus-size  kurtis then he/she can request to  craft  as such catalog to producer and the Kurtis collection will be ready as per the size specification


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