5 reasons why every woman is so obsessed with Dress material


You exactly know how it feels when you are not in a properly fitted Anarkali suit or Punjabi dress! Obviously, it is hard to manage loose-fitting sleeves, adjusting shoulders, towing waistline, and Lifting kameez or adjusting hemline. After facing all the hurdles you have to pretend like you are very comfortable! And this is not something you would want to face. Unlike you, most of the females do not want to be in such a situation and that is why they prefer dress material over a readymade outfit. In this article, we discuss why every single lady seems to in love with dress material in India? There are mainly 5 reasons behind this fascination and we explore each reason briefly.

Standard quality in Low price

Many Girls buy readymade salwar suit, ignore fabric quality because of the designs and patterns they see at first sight. Even they don’t care about the high price if they impress by the particular pair. However, after one wash, the dress looks really old because of the lower quality of fabric that’s when dress material won the battle. While purchasing dress material at any store, first you observe the fabric quality, negotiate price and then look for the designs. Many ladies feel they have a better chance to purchase standard quality at a low price in dress material shopping and they don’t get that luxury in readymade dress shopping. Get good quality dress material at wholesale price from cottonduniya.

Great chance to highlight personal styles with dress material

Why you want to restrict in style with the readymade dress when you have an opportunity to design your own pattern with dress material. From collar, pattern to neck style from front cut to slide slit everything you want is get it done by a personal dressmaker what else you want more! This is the main advantage of custom-made salwar suit as the wearer can explore personal favorite style and get much-needed attention easily.

Less time and effort

Some readymade suit lovers may be opposing this fact but yeah you spent less time purchasing dress material compare to ready-to-wear dresses. When you see many dresses on the rack at any boutique showroom, you try many at a trial room and then easily get confused about what to buy! In dress material you overview the fabric quality and the designs on fabric, you simply imagine it looks outstanding when it gets ready so the thought process is very cleared at that time so It saves time and you also put less effort in the selection process

Get maximum Dependability

You have the full right to choose the quality of dress material so you obviously choice standard quality. The stitching of the fabric is also done with extra care by a local tailor. In that case, you can easily understand that the custom-made salwar kameez last long for you compare to an off-the-rack outfit.

Fantastic fitting

This is the main reason most women buy Wholesale rate dress material as they are not in best body shape. A readymade dress only available in certain size so it can’t set well on different types of bodies. In opposite, you ask to give a perfect measurement of all body parts at tailoring house and then the dressmaker stitches dress material as per your body. This is how you get the fantastic fitting in a custom made dress.

After going through above reasons, it is very straight forward that why the dress materials are in high demand among all ladies.





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