5 Fabrics that are life line of traditional fashion In India


The salwar suits or sarees or Ghaghra choli worn by Indian females have been made out of special kind of fabrics.  Ultimately the fabrics our manufacturers are using to craft these outfits are like a life line of traditional fashion because they cannot utilize all types of fabrics that are available in The market. In selection of material, first any fabricator has to consider factors like comfort, durability, shine and many more things. So let’s go through some of the main fabrics that are known as a life line of traditional fashion In India

Cotton: Undoubtedly Indian females love to wear cotton salwar kameez. The cotton dress material is able to adjust with humid climate condition because it has got unique much quality. India is the second largest cotton producer country in the world and also we export letest pure cotton dress materials in wholesale price to many urban countries.  With the help of cotton raw material, the fabricators around the world produce Denim, cambric and Rayon but Indian ladies prefer to wear cotton salwar suit, saree or Kurti in daily life so our manufacturers produce cotton dress materials in bulk.

Silk :  Silk posses many  qualities such as best sponginess ,easily wrapped , the best texture for shading, fit for the best brilliance which make the  silk dress materials  increasingly well known in all parts of India . The texture is cool in summer and warm in winter and That is the reason we see silk sarees , anarkali suits and kurti in any season.

Lawn: The plane linen fabric is known as lawn in India. This fabric is extremely light in weight and semi transparent.  During the fabricating process, the producers use high thread count due to this reason the lawn dress material is super soft and rich in look.  Indian girls buy lawn dress material to design Pakistani suits as these types of Pakistani dresses are very popular in India.

Georgette dress materials: In past Georgette was produced using silk, right now utilization of rayon mixes can produce georgette dress material. Being a light-weight, creased and sheer texture, Georgette was mainly used for crafting western dresses. Due to the same qualities, Indian fabricators have decided to use this fabric for manufacturing sarees and the georgette sarees liked by all Indian women. Nowadays you see wonderful dress materials made by georgette fabric in Indian wholesale market.

Chiffon dress material: Chiffe is a French word and the Chiffon name came from It. same as  Georgette fabric , This material is also light-weight , transparent and  crinkled, due to this reason Indian manufacturer produce this material for producing six-yard sarees and dress material. The salwar suit or saree made from chiffon look really brilliant that is why the fabric is in High demand and manufactured across all textile industry in India.

Without these 5 fabrics, Indian dress makers can’t even think about producing sarees , dresses or lehenga choli that’s for sure and that is the reason we referred above 5 fabrics as a life line of Indian fashion.


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